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LEGO® Train Theme Sites

Brick Model Railroader - a high quality blog-format publication launched by Cale Leiphart showcasing all aspects of the LEGO® model train hobby

Eurobricks LEGO® Train Tech Forum - an excellent resource for train theme information, MOCs, techniques, TLG sets, and more

flickr LEGO® Train MOCs - a showcase of some of the finest LEGO® train MOCs from builders around the world

flickr LEGO® Train Layouts - a companion group of Train MOCs showcasing layouts and dioramas

flickr LEGO® Train Ideas - another companion group highlighting build techniques and ideas–an excellent place to learn and be humbled!

flickr LEGO® Train MOCs: Top Notch Photos and Layouts - the latest addition to the Train MOCs group is a curated showcase of some of the best LEGO® train creations and layouts

Railbricks magazine - a former and much missed specialist publication dedicated to the LEGO® train hobby