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These links are to useful brick suppliers with an emphasis on elements useful for trains. Besides the obvious source of The LEGO® Group for bricks, there are several innovative companies and individuals making complementary elements specifically for the train hobby.

Brick Suppliers

The LEGO® Group - the core supplier of our hobby!

Bricklink - the indispensable way to acquire bricks for any project, including those rare, out-of-production elements!

ME Models - a specialist store with custom sets and, most importantly, an alternative supplier of compatible LEGO® track elements

altBricks - a specialist supplier of complementary brick elements. In particular, I like their stunning range of foliage elements available in a wide variety of colours.

Big Ben Bricks LLC - a specialist supplier of train wheels in different sizes and colours - a useful source for over 50 railway lettering, alphabets, symbols, etc. Founded by long-time Lego train fan Benn Coifman.

Benn Coifman Steam Loco Parts - Benn Coifman manufactures and sells custom 3D-printed connecting rods, valve gear, piston rods, etc. for steam locomotives. In addition to standard length parts, he can custom make parts for you in any length or spacing.

4DBrix - enthusiasts of LEGO® monorail will rejoice at the selection of new monorail compatible elements from 4DBrix. They also have products for train switch motorization and train detection--useful for folks exploring ideas layout control.