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L-Gauge.org is an information resource for the Lego train hobby for both beginners and experienced alike. L-Gauge attempts to capture basic information and specifications for Lego train components such as track, wheels, and control systems. It also serves as a resource for "recommended" and "best" practices that have evolved over time as well as offering freely downloadable resources such as CAD libraries, instructions, etc. to help Lego train hobby community.


MGjr-icon-bkg.png L-Gauge.org was created by Michael Gale (brick dimensions) in 2015 as an effort to consolidate, curate, and share information about the LEGO® model train hobby. Although Michael is the founder of L-Gauge, it represents the collective knowledge, wisdom, and passions of many LEGO® model train hobbyists from around the world. As L-Gauge evolves, it will include more volunteer contributors, editors and curators. Authoring instructions, editing content, and language translation are examples of the valuable contributions that L-Gauge will need as it grows.
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