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Building a L-Gauge train layout involves many of the same factors of design and artistic flair as building a train layout in any of the traditional model train scales. The key differences with a LEGO® based layout is that the construction medium is uniform for every aspect of the layout including the scenery/landscape, buildings, infrastructure, the track, and of course the trains.

A train layout can be built completely freelanced and standalone, or as is typical, in a modular format so that a larger collaborative layout can be constructed. There are several modular layout standards in the LEGO® community some formal, some informal, and many localized to a particular train or LEGO® users group club.

Modular Standards

The modular standards section showcases several of the popular modular standards developed by LEGO® Users Groups (LUGs), clubs, and other fans for building collaborative layouts.

MILS - Modular Integrated Landscape System

MILS MultiRoad - A road system designed for MILS

ViaTrack - A modular elevated railway system supported on viaducts